black knight american stout

abv 7.4%    ibu 73

White knight belgian witbier

abv 4.8%    ibu 15

On tap now for tastings at the brewery and available at venues with good taste in beer

The Black Knight is not for the faint hearted. This is an unapologetically malt-driven beer. Made from the same Northumberland and Yorkshire malts as the King Henry, but with the addition of highly kilned, unmalted barley from Scotland which gives the Black Knight its characteristic, deep black colour and roast coffee aroma. Horizon and Centennial hops from America balance some of the sweet malt character, but the roast, almost burnt coffee aroma dominates the nose.

In the tradition of Pierre Celis’ great beer – Hoegaarden – the White Knight is an unfiltered Belgian spiced “white” beer. The grain bill is a combination of all Australian malts including Pilsner, Wheat and Oats as well as rice hulls for a natural filter bed in the mash tun. Only a single noble hop – Saaz from the Czech Republic  - is added to the wort for the boil but additions of freshly ground coriander seed and orange and lemon peel produce the distinctive spice and citrus character of the beer.  The nose is somewhat sour from

the energetic specialty yeast and, as well as the spice and citrus aromas, a “flour” or “dusty” smell is sometimes present from the oats. The yeast scents carry into the taste but are balanced by the exotic spice flavours and sweet citrus tang of the coriander and fruits.

As the name suggests a lovely, milky white colour. Goes great with a little sliced orange or lemon.

bronze medal 2014 perth
royal beer show  

Silver medal 2013
perth royal beer show

Silver medal 2012
perth royal beer show
    Silver medal 2014 perth royal beer show

Silver medal 2013 WA amateur Brewing Awards 

Silver medal 2012 WA amateur Brewing Awards

Bronze medal 2012 perth royal beer show

Dog Days cream ale

abv 3.4%    ibu 12

Have you noticed we don’t make a lager? That’s because a true lager takes an awfully long time to make, is tricky to make properly and we really like to make our beers properly. To fill the lager gap in

    silver medal 2014 perth
royal beer show 

Silver medal 2013 WA amateur Brewing Awards

The Black Knight has a silky smooth mouth-feel and, while coffee is the initial taste, dark chocolate flavours are also apparent as well as some citrus from the American hops.

At 7.4% ABV it might be just the thing to give you the courage you need before heading in to battle.

our beer menu we have our White Knight Wit and also the Dog Day’s Cream Ale. If you don’t know what a “Dog Day” is, think of those summer days when all you can do is lay around and think of cool things - ice cream, hammocks, palm trees, beaches, ... If you don’t know what a Cream Ale is, think of the same things.

Dog Days is a really refreshing quaffer which we’ve made at a pretty low alcohol level so you can enjoy a few more of them. It’s quite a strange brew in terms of the recipe as it combines ale malt, lager malt and rice and is then fermented with the same yeast we use for Tomahawk. It’s a pale straw colour and might be a bit cloudy if it’s still young (remember we don’t filter our beers). It’s a clean, crisp, dry, refreshing beer with only very little hop influence.

Feel like cooling down? This one’s for the you - as well as for the designated driver.

Jester kolsch

Abv 5%    ibu 21

Silver medal 2014 WA amateur Brewing Awards

A Kolsch is, essentially, a Pislner brewed with ale instead of lager yeast (ask us about the difference) so it should appeal to lager / pilsner drinkers.

Officially, the Jester is a Kolsch “style” beer as it wasn’t actually brewed in Cologne. But let’s not stand on ceremony too much. Apart from being brewed in little ol’ Mandurah, it’s a kolsch in every other sense.

90% Pilsner malt with small amounts of Munich and wheat malts produce the pale gold colour and the lemon and creamy flavours.

Only moderately hopped with subtle, German varieties for a little spice.

Rude boy extra special bitter

Abv 4.7%    ibu 33

Extra Special Bitter – or ESB – is a classically southern English style of beer. We aim for our ESB to be well-balanced. Not too hoppy or too malty. The ingredients are all English as the style dictates and you’ll get caramel, honey and toffee flavours from the Marris Otter and Crystal malts, and some balancing fruitiness from the Challenger hops. Despite the name, an ESB should not really be that bitter. Instead it should be full-bodied, slightly sweet but refreshing.

Get yer dancin’ shoes on.


abv 5.1%    ibu 30

Tomahawk is a medium-hopped Pale Ale based on the famous Pale Ale from the Sierra Nevada brewery in California which is one of the pioneering breweries that started the whole craft beer revolution in the early 80s. The Sierra Nevada version started as a homebrew recipe - as

    silver medal 2014 perth
royal beer show 

Silver medal 2013 WA amateur Brewing Awards

did ours - and is now the gold standard in Pale Ales and has been the inspiration for many a brewer. Like these earlier American Pale Ales, the hop levels in Tomahawk aren’t as over-powering as some of the newer American Pale Ales but are still at the front of both the smell and taste of the beer. We use American malt and mostly American hops in this beer but also use a small amount of Perle hops from Germany. The American hops are classically citrussy and grapefruity in character but the Perle adds a little spice which we think makes the American hops a bit less overpowering and balances the hop character. Tomahawk is dry-hopped with the amazing Citra, but wont blow your head off like some of the newer Pale Ales do (sorry Hop Heads). We like to aim for balanced beers at Three Rivers in homage to our traditional approach to brewing. Try to get some when we’ve just brewed it as that’s when the hop flavours are at their peak and most distinct.


abv 4.9%     ibu 22

The grain bill for Duck’s Nuts is one of the most complex at Three Rivers. We use five different grains for this beer ranging from a pale malt all the way through to a black, chocolate malt. The great, nutty taste though comes mostly from the brown malt we use which is roasted in small batches by a Yorkshire maltster which has been operating for over 200 years. Eee By Gum... The malt flavours are complex because of this big grain bill, but look for caramel, a little chocolate and definitely a nutty and perhaps toasty taste. The hop bill is just as complex as the malt - three hops, two English and one American for a little twist and a bit of oily resin to the mouthfeel. Hopefully, though, there’s not a lot of hop flavour or aroma as they’re really there to counteract all the sweetness from the malts. We think it’s... well... the Duck’s Nuts. Not sure the duck on the label is quite so pleased.

gold medal 2014 perth
royal beer show 

Silver medal 2013 perth
royal beer show

Who doesn’t love a Brown Ale? But why are they so few around? We think that the Australian beer landscape could do with some good Nut Brown Ales to fill the gap between lighter beers and stouts, so Duck’s Nuts is our contribution.

king henry english ipa

Abv 5.4%    ibu 70

Silver medal 2014
perth royal beer show

Silver medal 2012 WA amateur Brewing Awards

The signature brew of Three Rivers Craft Brewing, King Henry is a moderate to highly-hopped India Pale Ale, based on Marris Otter barley from Northumberland (used in many great Scotch whiskies) combined with additions of Crystal malt from Yorkshire and Caramel Wheat and Biscuit malts from Germany and Belgium.

The hops are all English with Challenger used for bittering and Fuggles and East Kent Goldings for the flavour and aroma. As with most Three Rivers beers, the brew water is ultra-filtered and then “Burtonized” to replicate the best brewing water in the world from Burton-on-Trent. The King Henry shows a clear, deep amber or light copper colour and holds a generous head. The aroma is hop-driven and the flavour is also dominated by the same assertive hop bitterness – floral, fruity, earthy and slightly grassy.

A drop well and truly fit for a king.

tomahawk, jester and rude boy are almost always Available at the cellar door along with rotating seasonal beers. currently (March 2017) we have Cu chulainn irish red ale and our limited-release collaboration brew with bright tank brewing Co - Rye Baby Rye ipa.

Cu Chulainn irish red ale

abv 4.7%    ibu 24

Cu Chulainn, pronounced “Coo Cullen” or “Coo Hullen”, is a mythical Irish warrior also known as The Hound of Ulster. Famous for his courage and frenzy when fighting his foes, he’s a bit like small, craft brewers like us struggling against the tide of bland beers.

The deep ruby red colour of the Cu Chulainn comes from the addition of a very small portion of highly-kilned unmalted barley to the grain bill. This also adds a little roast or burnt flavour to the beer adding complexity over the caramel and biscuit flavours from the other malts.

Hop bitterness is relatively low but the beer can taste more bitter or dry than it is because of the burnt flavours from the dark malts.